The Park & Ride on the Charmouth Road [DT7 3UE] will be running this year, the town council has confirmed. Last bus 7.30 pm and the P&R gates will be open until 10 pm.

There are several other car parks without the ride available in the town, namely: down the Cobb at Monmouth Beach [DT7 3JN] which is just spitting distance from the gig; the Broad Street council park [DT7 3QR]; the Broad Street NCP, not saying the charges are steep but it’s ideal for oligarchs [DT7 3QF]; and the Lyme Regis Football Club, which is just inches above the long stay on Charmouth Road [DT7 3DW].  At the other end of the town, just above the steep walk to the Cobb, there is another long stay, Holmbush car park [DT7 3LD] and another in a field behind the HQ of our sponsors Lyme Bay Holidays, at the top of Haye Lane [DT7 3LP]. And yet another, half way down Woodmead Road [DT7 3HN].