Soon it will be the start of the new year, the organizers of GOTB will be getting together to start planning June the 17th 2017, We are Fundraising for the event and every bit helps, we have to find money for the sound stage and generator, all insurances and many other expenses. We would like to find sponsors to help finance the event, if you are able to donate we would be grateful, if there are any businesses that are willing to come forward we would like to hear from you, our web site will be updated in the new year,
As you are aware we have brought the event forward to stand on our own as we always were, although we put our event on at the same time as Food Rocks we were always a separate organization financially, funding came from all of you that attended and supported us and a big thank you to all who did so.
We will update the information in January on FB and web,
look forward to seeing you all in June.
Happy new year
from all at Guitars on the Beach